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Beware of False and Misleading Internet Opportunities

If you've been seriously looking for information about running your own business on the Internet you've probably received a lot of 'Internet based' offers over the last couple of years. And you've probably been a bit suspicious of many of them and with good reason.

After all, it's noticeable that whilst some of the information 'providers' and 'promoters' out there are well intentioned, their good intentions are not always focused on providing the best or most accurate and useful information. It's not always intentional on their part of course, but that's no help to you is it!!

More importantly though, there are also a multitude (and growing number) of dodgy operators in the marketplace providing unsuspecting people with Internet based information and "opportunities" which are simply not viable.
  • Some are simply supplying information which is years out of date, or worse still is merely theoretical and totally untested.

  • Others merely repackage simplistic information from the USA which is not always suitable for the UK market.

  • Most damaging however, is the many people who have jumped on the Internet opportunity bandwagon and are offering 'ready made' websites and so called Internet "businesses" such as "shopping sites", "affiliate sites" and so on, which look good on the surface but in reality stand no chance of success.
NB: If you'd like to know more about this, you should read our article Dispelling the i-Myths

I strongly recommend you do not pay for any other 'Internet Business' based Books, Newsletters, Courses or Business "Opportunities" whether offered to you through the post, by email, or even from a slick looking website, until you've read this article. The contents are very enlightening and could save you a small fortune in wasted time and money!!

Anyway, if much of the information being sold about running a business on the Internet is not really worthwhile what does that leave you with?

Well firstly, despite what I've just said, there are still some good, professional and credible sources of information and opportunities out there (if you know where to find them!). Once you become one of our Associates we'll show you many reputable sources of quality support and information (including the sort of people we learnt from when we first started out).

Plus, of course, this is where our service at Zed One comes in too.

A UK Based Service

Whilst we may make use of the strategies we learn elsewhere, where applicable we mould them and blend them with the UK based consumer/business mentalities to make them more "UK friendly". This is very important.

So, you can be assured that the information we provide you is not only accurate and genuine but is also perfectly usable in the UK and European markets, as well as for a Worldwide audience.

The bottom line is, as one of our Associates you will learn exactly what really works and what doesn't. And you will never again be taken in by any of the misleading "opportunities" or information that seems to proliferate in this market.

Stick with us and we'll help you make the most of all the genuine and realistic opportunities which are out there. And believe me they are available in abundance .... if you know where to look!! And that's what we're here for.

If you want to know more and would like to join our growing community of Internet Entrepreneurs, I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started in your exciting new Internet career.

Tracy Barrett
Zed One Internet Services

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