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The Zed One Story
Internet Entrepreneurs News August 2003

Zed One was founded by Robert and Tracy Barrett in 1994 and is an extremely diverse company with wide ranging interests.

Currently the company's main activities include developing Niche Internet businesses of their own, whilst also assisting other companies and individuals in their online activities.

The company's history demonstrates their wide ranging skills and abilities:

  • The company has more than 8 year's experience in the Marketing and Promotions arena, working in the SME market (assisting small and medium sized businesses), plus 7 year's experience in the Publishing and Content Distribution business.

  • In 1996 the company also established a Private Association for UK based entrepreneurs (The Phoenix Business Club) which has since helped many hundreds of people to set up in business for themselves.

  • During 1999 Zed One set up their first wholly Internet based business, assisting SMEs with their efforts to succeed online. The huge success of this operation enabled the company to generate over £1million in that very first year of operation.

  • Since then, the company has developed and runs a number of additional websites and Internet based businesses of their own, operating in various niche markets.

  • As it continues to grow and develops new systems and market leading strategies, the company's trend setting activities are leading the way for other UK based online businesses to follow their lead.

    By way of example, during 2001 the company successfully soft launched one of the first wholly subscription based websites in the UK. And they are also now currently setting up two major new Internet based projects which look set to seriously impact on the UK Internet market over the next two to three years.
All of this whilst also establishing a number of additional ground breaking projects which are currently in the research and development stage for release over the coming years.

The company's two founders are still actively involved on a day to day basis with all aspects of these new projects whilst also enjoying a hands on role, working closely with Joint Venture partners and other Associates/Customers for mutual benefit.

From their new base of Operations near the heart of the new 'Silicon Fen' (as some scribes are now calling the hi-tech Cambridge/Fen region) the company is set to lead the way for aspiring new Internet entrepreneurs to follow well into the new Millennium.

The future has never looked brighter for this young, energetic company. And also, no doubt, anyone closely associated with them. This is definitely one to watch for the future.

T.G. Chambers B.Sc

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