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Hometown UK - How to capitalise on
the Local Internet Service phenomenon


Here at Zed One we are currently in the process of developing another major Internet based business, Hometown UK. The principle behind this venture is to provide every local town/community with their own integrated ‘Hometown’ Web Site; with full details of local services, shopping areas, community events/timetables, local news etc. etc.. A Comprehensive Local Area Site for everything to do with your local community.

Please read the following information for more details.

Then, if you think you might be interested in being involved in the development and/or implementation of this new venture please contact us.


At present, the Internet is still very young, but is rapidly developing. Currently most media attention has been focused upon the ‘Global Opportunities’ provided by the Internet. Whilst this is extremely valid, it is our opinion here at Zed One that, as the Internet begins to mature, and Global trading and communication becomes more ‘normal’ and ‘commonplace’, that focus will again be redirected to ‘Local Community Trading’.

It is our view (and we are not alone in this belief) that as the ‘cocooning’ effect of more people working and spending more of their time at home begins to gather pace, with the increasing use of the Internet for obtaining goods and services (especially once Web TV becomes widespread) people will begin to use the Internet, not just for leisure pursuits, global trading, or searching for hard to find information, but as an essential medium for purchasing local goods, and obtaining local news and information.

For example:
  • In the very near future, you will be purchasing all your groceries via the Internet, either having them delivered to your door, or collecting them already in their bags ready for you to take home (already a reality via ‘Tesco net’).

  • You will do all your banking online, ordering statements, chequebooks etc. from your favourite armchair (already in operation by many banks);

  • You will book your car in for service online, and pay for it online; you’ll book your holiday with your local travel agent online; you’ll place your house on the market, or arrange to view houses online; you’ll even call for a plumber online;

  • Very soon, you’ll buy and sell your cars and other consumer goods through online classified ads and auctions; you’ll order your takeaways over the Internet; make appointments with your hairdresser; and dial up to get local weather forecasts, and news from your local newspaper company’s Web Site;

  • And sooner than you think you will be communicating with local special interests groups, and even your friends and family not just via direct e-mail, but also through local discussion groups on the Internet etc. etc.
Whilst the world is rapidly growing ‘smaller’ and the Internet opens up all sorts of possibilities with global communications, in contrast, the Internet will also be the medium by which you will communicate with your immediate surrounding area. Hence, the need for every area to have its own ‘Hometown’ Web Site, as a central focus point for community activities and trading.

NB: There are already a small number of ‘community based’ Web Sites on the Internet. The vast majority though, are not very well developed and are usually produced by 'individuals' with no business or marketing experience. Virtually all are also ‘single sites’, and not part of a network of inter linked sites across the country.

Hometown UK by contrast is a BRAND NEW concept of ‘linked’ community sites, offering valuable communications and service orientated facilities to the consumer, and unparalleled commercial potential for local businesses.

The Business Plan

The coming 2 to 3 years will see a massive ‘shift’ in the way the Internet is used: fuelled by the growth of e-commerce and consumer realisation of the secure nature of ordering goods online, and also the massive surge of new businesses and services becoming available over the internet making it commonplace to deal with local companies via e-mail.

The time to implement the Hometown UK strategy is fast approaching. As the internet develops, change in the marketplace won’t be gradual but will come swiftly, and we’ll be there to take advantage of the great potential this new medium provides.

We are going to need Associates in every area of the country to work with us to provide their own local community with the Hometown UK service. Inform us of your possible interest NOW and you will be contacted as soon as everything is in place for the official launch of Hometown UK.

All Hometown UK operators will be responsible for the development of the service in their own local area. Adjoining territories may also be available for successful candidates during the early stages of implementation, so operators will have the opportunity to operate the service in more than one area.

All that is required from Operators is to obtain local information from relevant organisations and to keep the service regularly updated. Also to contact local businesses, service providers and other organisations to place their details upon the site, either as an independent ‘stand alone’ message site, a fully Interactive ‘Web Site’, or with a ‘link’ from their 'message site' on Hometown UK to their 'Web Site' hosted elsewhere.

Other services will be available through the Hometown UK site, which will all be explained to ‘Area Operators’ when they join the programme. But these should include links to other popular sites, competition and games areas, For Sale ‘classifieds’, ‘Tourist Information’ and Local Discussion Groups, amongst others.

Hometown UK is primed to hit the market at just the right time to capitalise on the local Internet service phenomenon. And, to date, we have no competition worth speaking about. Hometown UK is perfectly placed to explode onto the scene, and take the market by storm.

Future Potential

The first two to three years from inception is expected to be a particularly rapid period of growth for Hometown UK. Thereafter, once most local services and information is catered for, everything should settle down, with very little work required from Area Operators. However, earnings will be ongoing, as local businesses and other organisations renew their yearly fees for inclusion on the site, and further associated profits will also be continuous (e.g. fees for classified ads, additional 'product' sales, service provision and access to certain areas of the site!)

As well as this, Area Operators could take advantage of their good relationship with local businesses to offer them other services. Some Associates may also find it extremely profitable to place their own Web Sites on the Hometown UK site to offer specific goods and services to the local community.

If you are interested in joining us in this venture please contact us to register your interest. We plan to start implementing the Hometown UK strategy soon, once we feel the market is ready.

As soon as it is completed further information will be forwarded to all parties who register their interest.

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