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The Portal Network

Providing support and resources to Vertical
Portal owners and managers

The Portal Network has been set up to provide portal building services, information, support and resources to anyone wanting to set up their own Vertical Portal (Vortal).

The site includes everything you need to know to set up and run your own Vertical Portal, including operational procedures, design and building tips, technical information, marketing and promotion strategies, and assistance with product development. Everything you need to help you make maximum profits from your portal.

The Portal Network not only offers you information, support and resources but also interactive elements, including a Discussion Forum so that you can communicate not only with us, but also other Vertical Portal owners. This will enable you to find the answers to any questions you have as they arise; to seek the support and assistance of others who understand exactly what you are doing, to discuss strategies and techniques you are using; and to discover new ways to make the most of your growing portal business.

As well as this the Portal Network can produce your Portal websites for you, or provide you with the software and tools to produce your own (or a mixture of the two!). We will also be providing additional free software scripts and other resource tools to those Portal Partners who host with us. Plus an ongoing support and advice service.

Overall, The Portal Network will provide the most comprehensive portal building support service for new Internet entrepreneurs currently available anywhere on the Internet. This site will work in tandem with the Niche Market Advisor Members Website to provide you with a comprehensive arsenal of information and resources to ensure your success.

You can find more information about the Portal Network at portalnetwork.net.

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