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Portalscene Portal Directory Revealed

We are delighted to finally provide pre-launch details of our latest Internet project, The Portalscene Portal Directory and Website.

So, What is Portalscene?

Well, as you know, searching for anything on the internet is becoming a painfully slow, and tiresome process since the ‘results’ received from most search engines (and many directories!) are not very relevant.

This is why searching for what you want on a Vertical Portal is so valuable. If you are interested in golf and you find a Vertical Portal all about that subject, the results you get when searching for your information there is likely to be far higher quality than searching on a general search engine, since the Portal owner is likely to have only the best, most relevant information and links about the subject in their portal.

But before you can perform your search on the golf related Vertical Portal, you first have to find that portal. And currently the only way to do this is to search using a traditional search engine/directory and hope you find a good quality Vertical Portal during your search!!

However, if you could go to a site which had a very special kind of search engine/directory, which only listed good quality content sites, destination sites, and most of all, highly focused niche based Vertical Portals within its searchable directory, the results you receive when you search for your topic are likely to be highly relevant and exceptionally high quality.

This is what the Portalscene site is all about!!

It is a search engine/directory for Portals (and other quality content sites). The only sites listed in the Portalscene search engine/directory are Portal based sites. Not hundreds or thousands of ‘lesser’ sites.

So when you perform a search on Portalscene, you’re likely to receive just a few ‘results’. In some instances only one or two. But these are high quality results usually returning a link to a dedicated ‘Vertical Portal’ all about your subject. So now all you have to do is follow the link to that 'Niche' Portal and refine your search there!

Job done! Quickly, simply, accurately!

The Portalscene Site

So the main focus of our new Portalscene site is to provide accurate, quality searching of other high quality content/portal sites.

As well as this, the Portalscene site has other attributes, much like any other more ‘horizontal’ based portal. Whilst we do not try to produce volumes of content on all manner of topics, we do produce content pages (within specific ‘Topic channels’) on most of the main consumer and business subject areas. Here again we provide links to the best ‘portals’ and ‘content sites’ related to each subject, within each Topic channel, as well as other related content.

As such, we hope that Internet users will find the Portalscene site, with its in-built search engine/directory and Topic channels, an excellent way to navigate the web and find what they are looking for.

Portalscene Topic Channels

We plan to develop content for all of the major Topic areas over time, launching initially with around a dozen main Topic ‘Channels’. Each channel to contain a menu of links to other main portals/content sites on the subject, news, reviews and articles (where applicable) and any other valuable content we feel is appropriate for each subject.

And as time goes by, we plan to develop sub-channels (‘modules’ or 'departments') within the main channels; for example, within the sport channel, we will have separate channels for each major sport; football, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball etc. etc.

It is our intention to build this into a very comprehensive resource over time.

These Portalscene Topic Channels, combined with the searchable Portalscene Search Engine/Directory should provide users with a very flexible, high quality information and search service, which has just not been available anywhere on the internet before, until now!

If you require any further pre-launch information, please contact us.

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