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How to run your own
Successful Internet Business with our help

Here at Zed One whilst also building our own Internet enterprises we have spent the past 4 years rigorously researching every aspect of running a business on the internet, and learning exactly what works and what doesn't.

We now have probably the most comprehensive catalogue of expertise on the subject anywhere in the UK, with expert contacts and partners across the globe to call on for assistance whenever required.

Through our intensive investigations, and the trial and error of our own enterprises, we have amassed a wealth of essential information. We have found easy to use software and resource tools to help you build your business quickly and easily; we've found companies offering services and solutions for practically any need you might possibly have. And you'll be pleased to hear much of what we have discovered is available either totally free of charge, or for a very small fee.

So, if you seriously want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available from the Internet, we can now show you exactly how to do it!

What we can offer you

We can now offer you an all in one 'business in a box' service including:
  • Full support to help you set up your Internet business from scratch.

  • Information on numerous specific proven Internet businesses you can start right away.

  • Access to several working business plans you can exploit for your own personal financial gain.

  • A full backup, support and advice service.

  • Numerous products and services to assist you (many of them FREE!).

  • The ability to access a unique, private MEMBERS ONLY support site, to assist you in your new ventures.

  • Plus, access to a number of brand new, ready made 'Turnkey' businesses we are currently involved with.

  • And finally, you can also become closely involved with us in a joint venture capacity, on a number of major projects we are developing for the coming year (with even more in the planning stage for next year and the year after!)
And it all starts with the release of our brand new Internet Project Package manual.

The New Entrepreneurs Essential Internet Project Package

This exceptionally detailed 200+ page business manual is the most comprehensive internet resource tool you're ever likely to have seen.

More than just supplying useful information and strategies, we actually provide you with real live practical projects. And then we take you a stage further by, not only providing you with ready made projects, but supplying you with the 'tools' and 'resources' you need and offering you our full support to help you get established.

There is no one else I've seen, in this country, or indeed anywhere on the internet, who is doing so much to help you succeed in this business. What we are offering you here is unique and unsurpassed by anything else currently available.

A Unique Service

Of course, there are lots of people out there giving you 'information' about the Internet. But there's no one else I know of providing you with full working projects, free and low cost software and resource tools, and a full back up support and advisory service.

There's no one else telling you about the important things like the new Money Making Trends (Vertical Portals, Subscription Websites, ASP's, CSP's and so on). There's no one explaining the new Product Growth Areas ('Content Aggregation', Remote Community Building Services etc.).

Most of these products and services are virtually unheard of amongst even those apparently 'in the know', and are relatively new to the UK. But one or more of these could hold the key to your future wealth. And we'll explain what all of them are, and show you how to take advantage of them.

We'll also teach you about internet marketing; what to do, and what not to do, what works and what doesn't; we'll show you where to find additional resources and tools (much of which is free); you'll be shown countless different types of internet business and many different ways to make money with those businesses; you'll be shown how to build a successful website; and you'll be provided with access to a myriad of business ideas and projects including some major projects we are about to release ourselves.

The Project Package manual will remove all the mystery and mystique surrounding making money on the internet, so you'll never be confused about any of it again.

So, if you want to run a successful Internet business of your own, there's nothing stopping you now:

Everything you need is available from us or is on the internet RIGHT NOW. And much of it is free, or very low cost. You can start operating your new business in your spare time, just playing around with it at first, enjoying yourself, having fun.

And there are so many different ways to make money in this exciting business, even if you don't really understand the technology; even if you're not computer literate and have never even been on the internet before.

With the help of the New Entrepreneurs Essential Internet Project Package, and the support of us at Zed One; YOU are going to be totally transformed, from someone who has been wondering how you can take advantage of this 'new internet thing', to someone making vast sums of money, working right at the cutting edge of this amazing new medium.

Become a 'New Entrepreneur' for the 'New Economy'

Yes, I can tell you now IT IS possible: You CAN become a Successful, Wealthy Internet Entrepreneur ...... And you can start down that road TODAY.

If you are reading this because you have received some information about the new project Package simply fill in the Reservation Form and drop it in the post to me today.

Or if you haven't received information on this before, but would like to know more, please contact us to request details to be sent to you.

Either way I look forward to welcoming you aboard and helping you set yourself up in your own successful internet business.

More details about the new Project Package are also available in the public area of our private members website at NicheMarketAdvisor.com.

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