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Instant Wesbite Service Launched

Zed One Internet Services launches its Brand New 'Zednet Instant Website' Service, to provide small and medium sized businesses with simple to use ecommerce website building software.

Finally, an easy and affordable way to have a fully featured eCommerce site for your business.

  • No expensive programmers or web designers needed. It's completely automatic!

  • Place your products (with photos) on the Website in just minutes. Instantly update your product listings anytime, no extra charges.

  • Fully automatic order form for all products on your site. Does everything for you!

You have total control over your Website.

You can maintain your own site, and include all your Company information, and full listings of all your products and services, including photos if required! Your Zednet Website also comes complete with an automatic secure ordering facility, enabling you to engage in eCommerce from day one!

Zednet’s unique 'owner controlled' Websites are the perfect solution for getting your business on the web.

What is a Zednet eStore?

The Zednet Instant Website Solution gives you more than just a Web "Site". Your Zednet eStore is fully 'eCommerce enabled', which means you can actually sell products over the Internet using a secure order form facility. And you can also have many pages listing all your products/services, just like an online catalogue which your customers can browse through and order from.

Better still, your eStore is totally 'owner controlled'. By following a simple menu driven guide, you can update any of the pages on your web site yourself literally at the click of a button. You will have TOTAL control.

Just look at some of the other amazing features and benefits available to you with your Instant Website package:-

  • Easy to use - no programming or prior Internet knowledge required. If you can type (even with one finger) you can do this!

  • Runs on ANY computer with Internet access (including Apple Macs). You can update your site from any computer anywhere in the world, in just seconds!

  • Instantly add (or delete) photos, graphics and text whenever you want. (No waiting for a ‘designer’ to get round to updating your site - do it yourself in seconds.)

  • Every time you add a new product to your listings, it is AUTOMATICALLY added to the Secure Order Form so customers can buy from you.

  • Built in search engine; your customers can search your Website by typing in simple key words, instantly finding your products/services matching their search.

  • Automatic e-mail response facility sends your customers a ‘Thank you’ for their order.

  • The Fully Automatic Secure Order Form works out the value of orders and calculates VAT and shipping costs immediately.

  • Your eCommerce Website is fully expandable. As your business grows you can simply add extra pages and listings to your existing site. There's no need to rebuild your site and start again.

The Zednet Instant eStore Creator is an amazing tool, which will help you to build your own Internet presence, and compete ON EVEN TERMS with even the largest companies.

This is the perfect solution to online trading. Simple, professional and very effective.

For more details go to www.zednet.co.uk/iweb.

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