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An Advisor Service You Can Rely On

Unlike other ‘advisors’ in the market, the information you will receive from Zed One is 100% aimed at the ordinary person in the street.

While other sources produce content with very little practical use to you, and aim it either at the corporate market, the wealthy ‘funded’ ‘Dot Com’ start ups, or the ‘techy’ community, what you will receive from us is down to earth, non technical, easy to use, profitable, proven techniques which show the ordinary person how to succeed on the web.

And where the other ‘Gurus’ and ‘Advisors’ tell you how ‘they’ did it and expect you to work out what to do for yourself. Or they come up with fanciful ideas about what you should do, without any real experience of how it would work in practice. What you are going to receive from us is the benefit of full support, guidance and information that works in the real world, and which applies directly to YOU!

You see, I’ve checked out and looked through just about everything else that’s available out there. And while much of it is quite useful, in most cases you are not being told what you really need to know in order to be successful.

You’re always only being told ‘snippets’ of the whole story; just enough to keep you interested and keep you coming back for more.

This particularly applies to the Internet based Newsletters and Magazines. Which if you think about it is not that surprising.

After all, the nature of periodicals like this is they want you to continue subscribing for as long as possible. And by their very nature they can only be a few pages long each time.

So not only can they not put much information in each issue, they wouldn’t want to anyway. Because if they told you all you needed to know straight away you’d have no reason to continue receiving later issues would you!!

Of course, with the Internet, there is always something new to report each month. And you could fill a whole Newsletter with just the latest news, which is what some, (but not all) of these Newsletters do. So such resources can be very useful!

But as for providing you with the information, tools, knowledge and support you need to run your own Internet business?

Well that information you could really do with right at the beginning, from day one. And you could then merely receive the important news updates on an ongoing basis.

And that’s exactly what we are going to provide you with. From your association with Zed One you will receive:

  1. Full details on exactly what to do, and how to do it right from the beginning,


  2. Full details of every new piece of important news. Every new resource tool. And advance warning of every new trend and opportunity becoming available, as they happen.
All of this is available to you as one of our Associates. Whatever there is to know about, you’ll be the first to hear.

We Can Help You, No Matter What Business You Decide to Run

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any idea what type of Internet business to set up just yet. Or if you’re already in business and don’t yet know how to transfer it to the web.

That’s what we’re here for

If you do have some ideas of your own already, we’ll help you quickly turn them into a profitable online reality. Or if not, you can make use of the ideas and business plans we present you with, and maybe even set up as one of our Joint Venture partners.

Over the coming months, there are going to be endless choices at your disposal.

The important thing is, we can show you how to turn your business ideas into commercial reality, and build a business from home, that could earn you £20,000, £50,000, maybe even £100,000 or more, with very little effort and practically zero risk.

Simply follow our guidelines and strategies and you’ll never look back.

Help from Expert Advisors

We now have many, many contacts around the world, many of them very successful Internet entrepreneurs in their own right. Everyday people, just like you, who’ve made good. People who’ve started from nothing, and become rich doing what they love on the Internet.

Unlike many of the so called "success stories" you hear about, most of our contacts are real millionaires, not just millionaires on paper. The sort of people who know where its at.

Over the coming months and years, through the Niche Market Advisor website, you’ll be able to learn from some of these people too. And because we are in regular, close contact with these experts, we get to hear about all of the new successful methods first, long before anyone else, and this information will be immediately passed on to you via the Advisor site.

The fact that many of our contacts are in the USA helps with this too. Whilst some of what comes from the US is not always applicable to the UK, much of what relates to the internet is; and you’ll get to hear about it before the masses do (and since we’re always a good 6 months to a year or more behind the USA this puts us in the ideal position of seeing exactly what is working, and copying it here in the UK).

You can’t beat an advantage like that!

By simply associating with me and my contacts, you’ve got access to all of this information first hand, well before anyone else, giving you an incredible commercial advantage over just about anyone else in the UK and Europe.

Both myself and my contacts are working on many projects right at the cutting edge of the internet; and you will get to hear about them first, and in many cases, will get the opportunity to work with me on some of these projects!

And as for learning about Internet marketing?

Well, a lot of marketing techniques which have been used over recent years, are becoming less effective in their standard form. Yet most people are still using them, and most of the Internet ‘gurus’ you’ll come across are still teaching people these same tired old strategies.

But as one of our Associates we can show you how to take these basic techniques, and then by adding one or two simple modifications, create an even better strategy, which will work much better for you.

It is little known secrets like this, secret strategies that even many of the so called ‘experts’ are totally unaware of, which we will share with you.

So the bottom line is:- working with us you should be able to achieve everything you've ever wanted. We can show you what to do; what not to do; what works and what doesn't. And where applicable, we can even work very closely with you on Joint Ventures and other mutually beneficial projects.

So, if you're interested in working with us in some way, we'd love to hear from you.

There's never been a better time to set up your own independent business on the Internet.

Let us help to show you how.

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