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The Guru Game - Be Careful Which "Experts"
You Listen To

When getting started in business on the Internet there are many people out there telling you what you should do. But who should you listen to? Who is right?

Well, you need to understand that most of the so-called ‘experts’ on the Internet come from one of three backgrounds.

  • The first type has probably had a long career in the Internet industry, possibly stretching back to the early nineties, either as a writer, researcher, technician or similar.

    But they’ve generally, never run a real Internet business of their own.

    They’ve never had to risk any of their own money on marketing strategies; they’ve never had to take a business from inception to reality themselves.

    Often they’re merely making theoretical observations of what looks like it should work. Or they’ve merely observed what most other people appear to be doing (and by most ‘other people’, I mean generally, the big 'Dot Com' companies, with the big budgets and huge resources etc.). So these 'experts' assume that’s the way to go, so that’s what they advise you to do.

    If they had ever, once in their lives, had to put ‘real money’ into something, money out of their own pockets, perhaps they would not follow their own advice so readily!

  • Or, the second type of ‘expert’ might be from a ‘corporate’ background. They might even have been involved quite high up in the management team of a real, live trading Internet company. They may even have helped get it set up in the first place and helped nurture the business over many years.

    But more often that not, these ‘experts’ will have had funding from venture capitalists of perhaps millions of pounds; and many of them had a technical background beforehand (perhaps having worked in the computer industry for many years), and had lots of contacts before they started etc.

    So, again, the advice they give will not necessarily apply to the ordinary person, setting up a one-person Internet business from home. The two business models are worlds apart.

  • So onto our third type of self-proclaimed ‘expert’. This person is probably the closest you will get to an internet expert for the small business since that’s exactly what they are themselves; a small business.

    These ‘experts’ started their own one man band Internet business, anything from 2 years to 8 years ago.

    More often than not they started working from home (and many of them still work from home). They built their businesses with limited budgets, limited knowledge (at least initially) and over the years have experienced varying degrees of success.

    Through trial and error they’ve discovered what works for their business, and what doesn’t; how to market their business, how to sell, how to build a website, and so on.

Out of the three kinds of ‘experts’ we’ve considered then, the third type appear to be the ones to listen to most carefully.

But there is a danger

Firstly, the experiences which this individual person has had, may be peculiar to their particular type of business; their particular product, or their chosen marketplace. The same may not apply to you.

Secondly, there are quite a large number of people out there proclaiming (often quite vocally!!) that they are experts at Internet marketing, when in reality they have very little real experience. Many have earned very little cash (if any!). And often you’ll find that in reality

they know very little more than you do.

But what they do know is that writing articles on Internet Marketing Strategies and allowing other people to use these articles for free, will ensure they get lots of extra traffic to their own website (since they will include a link to their site at the end of the article).

And many of these ‘experts’ websites are then filled with information to show you a multitude of ways to ‘get rich’ on the internet by participating in a few ‘Associate Programmes’ they’ve signed up to. Or by joining one of the numerous Internet based multi-level marketing programmes out there (of which there are MANY, quite a few of which are under investigation by various International Authorities!).

In other words, they are merely the equivalent of the ‘wannabe entrepreneurs’ you encounter frequently in the offline world.

  • The sort of people who send you badly photocopied mailings through the post to try to get you to join the ‘latest, greatest MLM programme’.

  • Or to buy their ‘fantastic publishing package with resale rights’.

  • Or their ‘part work publishing business’ which you pay for monthly and promote to others.

  • Or the illegal chain letters, money games and pyramid schemes etc.
So how do you know which of the ‘experts’ are real and genuine, and which ones are going to give you concrete advice and workable strategies.

Well, in truth, that can only come from experience, and by understanding the nature of Internet marketing yourself. A catch 22 situation for most people!!

But not for you.

As one of my Associates, you don’t need to work this out for yourself. You don’t need to try to work out who can be trusted and who cannot; who is genuinely offering credible advice, and who is merely relaying ideas they ‘heard somewhere’.

You don't need to try to find out who has been there and really done it themselves, and can pass on the value of real, hard fought experience. Or conversely who can only tell you what works in the corporate world of big business, but knows nothing of how the ordinary person can succeed.

As one of my Associates you not only can gain from the benefit of my own 18 months+ of intensive research into the vagaries of Internet Marketing, my own personal experience of more than 10 years as a Marketing and Promotions expert, and my own 6 years experience running an information business, (3 years of which has been on the internet); but you also gain from the fact that I have already checked out many of the other Internet ‘experts’ and I know who really knows their stuff, and who’s just a fraud.

And this information will be made available to you, so you can be sure you’re getting advice from those who really know where it’s at. People who have been there and done it; and who are still doing it now. Many of these people have become wealthy from running their simple little businesses on the Internet; some like myself, are millionaires, others are well on their way to joining them.

In other words, working with us, you’ll be in good company.

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